Fire Protection Beyond the Panel: What to Do When Your Fire System is Offline

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Discovering your property’s fire alarm panel or sprinkler system is malfunctioning can be stressful. As a property manager, ensuring the safety of your tenants and the building itself is paramount. Here’s a guide on how to maintain fire protection even when your primary systems are offline.

Immediate Actions to Take

Assess the Situation:  Determine the extent of the outage. Is the entire fire system down, or just a specific zone? Identify the root cause, if possible (e.g., power failure, equipment malfunction).

Notify the Fire Marshal: Contact your local fire marshal’s office immediately. They will guide you on any mandatory steps and whether a fire watch is required by code.

Contact Your Monitoring Service: If your fire system is monitored, alert your service provider of the outage. They may have troubleshooting advice or can assist with coordinating fire watch services.

Implement a Temporary Fire Watch: In most cases, a dedicated fire watch becomes essential when your fire alarm or sprinkler system is down. A fire watch involves trained personnel continuously patrolling the building, looking for signs of fire or smoke.

Choosing a Fire Watch Provider

Look for the following when selecting a fire watch company:

Experience and Reputation: Opt for a provider with a proven track record in fire prevention and safety.

Rapid Response: Ensure they can deploy fire watch guards to your location quickly.

Insurance: Verify that the company carries liability insurance.

Partnering with Seattle Emergency Firewatch

At Seattle Emergency Firewatch, we understand the urgency of fire safety for property managers. Our fire watch guards are highly trained and ready to protect your property 24/7. We provide:

Customized fire protection plans

Detailed fire watch logs for documentation

Clear communication with you and the fire marshal’s office

Additional Safety Measures

While a fire watch is in place, consider these extra precautions:

Inform Tenants: Communicate clearly about the system outage and any changes to fire safety procedures.

Increase Staff Vigilance: Ask staff to be extra attentive to signs of fire.

Review Evacuation Plans: Ensure everyone is familiar with the building’s evacuation routes.

Don’t Compromise on Fire Safety

A compromised fire system doesn’t mean your property has to be vulnerable. By taking proactive steps and partnering with a reliable fire watch company like Seattle Emergency Firewatch, you can maintain safety until your fire systems are restored.

Contact us today for a free quote and ensure your property remains protected.

For more information visit:

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Seattle Emergency Fire Watch: Your Partner in Rapid-Response Safety

When you need immediate fire watch protection, count on Seattle Emergency Fire Watch. We specialize in rapid deployment for Seattle, Renton, Federal Way, Tacoma, and the surrounding region. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure your property’s compliance and safety.

What We Do:

Provide certified fire watch personnel ready to respond around the clock
Understand and address fire codes and regulations with expertise
Bring peace of mind during construction projects, system malfunctions, and other situations requiring fire watch.

Why Choose Us:

Established in the heart of the region, we’re committed to serving our local communities
Our team is rigorously trained to meet the highest safety standards

We prioritize fast response to keep your project moving and your property protected
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